“Doctored” Documentary of Chiropractic Care

3 12 2012

Doctored the DVDOffical review from Mercola.com –  According to this hard-hitting documentary, Doctored, a deliberate campaign to undermine and label alternative forms of medical care as “quackery” has been silently under way for more than the last half century.

Perhaps most affected by this campaign, the Chiropractic Industry has been systematically demonized and prevented from telling their story – until now.

In 1987, after twenty-four years of inflicting crippling damage to practicing Chiropractors, the AMA was found guilty of conspiring to “contain and eliminate” the Chiropractic profession.

But the Medical industry, along with its economic right-hand partner, the Pharmaceutical industry, didn’t stop with Chiropractors…

With approximately 98 percent of the AMA’s advertising revenue for medical journals provided by pharmaceutical companies, this conjoined force set out to crush any and all alternative health competitors. And this assault continues…

This bold documentary provides candid views into how this united front operates – from the revealing and troubling confessions of ex-pharmaceutical reps about the industry’s newest target – children and teens – to how both industries are unabashedly creating drug addicts in normal, unsuspecting citizens.

Included in this documentary are interviews with alternative health leaders, including Dr. Joseph Mercola, revolutionary practitioner Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, and others.

Here, too, are the heart-warming – and heart-breaking – stories of terminally ill patients healed by Chiropractors and other alternative practitioners… and patients lost due to the hideous medical bureaucracy that still exists today.

But there is hope, according to the DVD… Consumers are pushing for answers and demanding alternatives to prescription drugs. And today’s medical students are asking the questions that matter: How can I truly help my patients? How can I integrate my practice with alternative medical practices?

At last, it appears we are finally moving into the realm of patient empowerment and the united team…




2 responses

4 12 2012

When will this be available at a reasonable price for us?.

4 12 2012

Hi Randy – as I have nothing to do with the movie or its distribution, I cannot answer that. Keep an eye on Netflix, OnDemand and Amazon!

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