Are Spinal Adjustments Dangerous?

5 12 2012

Sarasota ChiropractorTraditional medicine has waged a  bit of a campaign to discredit doctors of chiropractic (to put it mildly) .  Recently, there has been quite a lot of rumor circulating that spinal adjustments can be dangerous, may cause stroke, and more. Lt’s face it, traditional medicine, along with the pharmaceutical companies, are terrified of people finding out that they can eradicate much disease and sickness without the use of drug regimens, so the blackballing makes sense.

But is it true?

Not at all. Chiropractic treatment, when performed by a licensed chiropractor, are exceptionally safe. Further, spinal adjustments have  been cited in studies as being preferable to both drugs and surgery to eliminate back and neck pain.

For more information, check out our website at Elevation Health.




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