Chiropractic Care for Children

21 12 2012

We do not normally associate chiropractic care with our children.  We easily understand taking them to doctors, checking eyes, and ears but the spine?

The spine is your child’s lifeline because running through it are billions of nerve fibers that send messages and energy from the brain to very part of their body. If there is any blockage of the nerves along the spinal cord, a state of dis-ease will develop. Chiropractors have long used the term to describe a state of disharmony in the body. This can cause a generalized weakening in your child’s body, lowered resistance to disease, and consequent sickness.

How can a child’s spine lose its alignment? There are many causes, but it can begin with a difficult delivery. Subsequently, the physicality of childhood, with its bumps, bruises and falls, can begin to cause subtle damage. Recent years have seen the carrying of very heavy backpacks, which are causing grave concern.

Correction of a child’s spine reduces postural and other stresses on their bodies, but the additional benefits can be dramatic. Among the observed effects of chiropractic correction are improvements in emotional, behavioral ad neurological problems such as asthma, anxiety, low mental stamina, hyperactivity, discipline problems. , and low grades.

Some signs that there may be an issue with your child’s spine include: chronic fatigue, flared shoulder blades, frequent falling, hyperactivity, skin conditions, a foot turned in or out, joint aches, neck tilt, one leg shorter than the other, or nervousness.

More and more families are discovering that periodic chiropractic treatments for their children are roving beneficial for their overall health and development.





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