Chiropractic – It’s Not Just for Back Pain

27 12 2012

Sarasota chiropractic

You may be surprised at the health issues literally connected to your spine. Here are just a few.

– In 206 cases of chronic kidney disease, the following pattern was found: patients experienced restricted movement at the thoracolumbar junction (T10-L1) *

– Over 75% of women experiencing menstruation pain located in the lower back had excellent results in response to chiropractic care as an answer. Further, some female sterility conditions may be attributable to pelvic dysfunction and adequate treatment through manipulation has had positive results. *

– Cases have been presented in which symptoms of gallbladder disease, appendicitis, uretal colic or other manifestations of visceral disease were apparently relieved by correction of spinal curvature or the associated myositis. **

– Subluxation  and malposition of vertebrae can result in colics of the gallbladder, kidney colics, bladder cramps, urinary filtration disturbances, and disturbances of other neuro-hormonal regulatory functions. ***

As the spine connects organs of the body to the brain, any break, kink or blockage will cause that organ to begin to malfunction. A vast majority of diseases we would never associate with chiropractic care can be treated and eliminated. No matter what you are experiencing, come in for a free evaluation today. You have nothing to lose, except your disease and pain.




*         Lewis MD , DSc “Manipulative Therapy in Rehabilitation of the Locomotor System”
**       Neville Usher, MD, FACP, “The Visceral Spinal Syndrome a New Concept of Visceral Motor and Sensory Changes in Relation to
            Deranged Spinal Structures” 
***     Freimut Biedermann, MD, “Fundementals of Chiropractic from the Standpoint of a Medical Doctor”




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